Hobart or Launceston? Which one to choose while in Tasmania

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If you are planning to visit Tasmania sometime in the future, then here we are to tell you all that you need to know about planning for the trip. When you are deciding on the destination for the tour, you will find it hard to decide which way to go. Because there are a lot of good destinations to visit in Tasmania, choosing your most desirable one is not easy.

But once you have gone through this post, you will be able to tell yourself where you want to go. The two most attractive places in Tasmania for tourists are Hobart and Launceston.

These are two beautiful cities that you would want to visit in Tasmania for sure. But if you want to decide on one of the two, that is Hobart or Launceston then you will have to go through the following points.

One must remember that there is no way that you can compare both the cities because each is unique in its own way and people like to visit it in their own ways as well.

When we talk about these two cities, we see that Launceston is in the north of the islands while Hobart is located towards the south which makes both the cities different from each other in a lot of ways.

But when it comes to the weather, you will see that both have almost the same weather but one thing that is true for the climate is that it keeps on changing all the time, therefore it can be hectic at times.

When you think about the landscape of the cities, you will see that one is located near the sea but both have rivers near them. when you think about the flora and fauna of the two cities, you will come to know that both are very nice and you cannot tell if one is better than the other one.

The biggest difference that you will be able to see in both cities is the size. If you want to enjoy a big city life with all the hustle and bustle, then Hobart is your place.

But if you want to go for some urban land, you will see that Launceston is the city that you should be in.

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