Some of the Top Locations for Swimming in Croation and Precautions to Take –

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Introduction –

One of the most important things that you will ever know about Croatia is that, it has more than 1000 islands and they are some of the most pivotal tourist destinations in Europe. Several people come to Croatia during the summer months for family trip or sailing. But in this guide, we will primarily focus on the top swimming locations in Croatia. Also, you can read more on The Best Croatia Open Water Swimming Locations in Croatia. Moreover, you should know that, the water temperature in the Adriatic Sea, including rivers and lakes mostly reach till 25 degrees Celsius during the summer and Croatia offers many chances for swimming. Croatia has a long history of being best guided swimming holiday destinations. Most of the Croatian swimming locations are from south to north.

Word of Caution When Swimming –

Especially, during the months of summer, i.e., from June to September, many coastlines, bays, and ports become importantly busier with the boat traffic and this causes high risk to the swimmer, when in water. Even after Croatia being under the EU maritime laws, there are many boat accidents that occurs every year. So, the swimming enthusiast needs to be careful, when choosing to swim in Croatia. Prior to getting into any kind of water, it is important that you know your limits and take apt safety precautions. Also, take note of the weather beforehand, and if you are staying close to the shore, know about the boat traffic and other dangers, and the most important wear a bright hat and make sure that your boats are extra visible, by using tow float.

Swimming Programs to Attend –

Plus, if you want maximum safety and peace of mind, then you should join the 7 days organized Croatia swimming holiday trip that is held near Sibenik. You can also join 5-day Croatian vacation, especially swimming program at Korcula island in the South Dalmatia.  To know about the best swimming areas in Croatia, you need to firstly know about the access, like how can you reach the locations, and also about boat traffic and how busy the water is and the possible dangers that you can face there. Next, is the options of swimming, like island hopping, bays and coastline, where you can do the swimming and the wind sheltered options and tides and so on. Do you want to swim on your own or is there any need of help like a boat supporter or a kayak and so on. Also, you should check the facilities like motels, restaurants and bars and tourist appeal centre and boat and kayak supplier rentals. Lastly, you need to check the cost of it, like the entry fee and all in National Parks and so on.

Top Swimming Locations in Croatia –

From South Dalmatia to North and Istria, there are many locations for swimming. And, one of the main reasons for the same is that, there is less boat traffic in the south, if you compete with the north. Sipan Island to Elaphiti Island in Dubrovnik is one such. Sipan island is 15km away from Dubrovnik and they have an access of ferry boats. Plenty of swimming spots are there for coastal and island-hopping swimming. Next is Mljet National Park, where there is huge and small saltwater lake. It has a ferry connection from Korcula island and Dubrovnik. There are 2 saltwater lakes, like lake Malo Jezero and the Veliko Jazero. Both are great for swimming and have an idyllic location.

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