Many Fun and Unique Things to Do While on a Trip in Spain

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Spain is a beautiful place to plan a vacation anytime. Apart from its top tourist attractions, it has many options for visitors in the form of small villages and towns.

The best way of making the most out of your trip is to plan everything, especially when you are there just for a few days.

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Visiting Spain

When in Spain, you cannot forget to check out some must-visit places listed below.

The Royal Palace in Madrid

The Royal Palace was built centuries ago and has housed many Spanish monarchs. This palace does not have any Royal families residing there as of now, but it is a beautiful place to check once.

Try Sangria

Sangria is a local cocktail in Spain. It was first prepared in Spanish bars and became popular worldwide in the later years. It is a fruity cocktail with a touch of wine to it.

The Dolphin Watching

While in Tenerife, you cannot forget to book the whale-watching rides. The Canary Island strips serve as the right place to enjoy watching the majestic mammals just wandering around in water bodies.

Check Some Old Restaurants

Madrid is home to many restaurants that have been in business for many centuries. One such is El Sobrino de Botin started in the 1700s. They have the best roast potatoes and chicken for you.

Check San Sebastian Pintxos Bar Crawl

The country’s rich food culture is seen in San Sebastian. Here, you can find the blend of local culture and the best dishes in one place. Try their best gourmets when here.

Participate in La Tomatina

Also described as one of the biggest food fights in the world, La Tomatina is organised in the town of Brunol in August every year.

Hundreds to thousands of visitors from around the globe participate in this food fight and have the best time of their lives.

Siam Water Park in Tenerife

Siam Park is famous as one of the decades-old parks in Tenerife. First opened in 2008, this park was designed on a Thailand theme, hence named Siam. It has separate places for adults and children to have fun to the fullest.

The 9-day Celebrations in San Fermin Festival

If you have heard about the famous bull running and bullfights, then you should check out the 9-day celebrations in the San Fermin Festival. Every day is special during the festival and includes non-stop parties, parades, bullfights, etc.

The Andalusian White Villages

Also known as pueblos blancos, the picturesque towns in Spain are called the White Villages. The roof of every house in this town is red tiled, and the walls are white-washed. Hence, the name White Villages.

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