How Do I Clean My Car Floor Mats with Car Cleaning Equipment

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Every person who enters your car or truck probably brings a small amount of mud or other outside dirt. And your car’s floor mats pick up all of it. Thus, understanding how to clean car floor mats, including cloth, rubber, and vinyl, is crucial. If a car wash offers the right tools, you can clean your car’s floor mats there or even at home.

You need to clean car floor mats periodically to stay up with the muck. If your car’s floor mats are dirty, you should clean them right away. If not, a fast cleaning using the best car accessories once a week to once a month, according to how often you drive your car, should be adequate.

Rubber Car Mats: How Do You Clean Them?

Rubber mats often require less cleaning effort than cloth mats, which is their main advantage. Shake out any loose items first, and then spread them on a concrete solid surface. Scrub them on both sides with soapy water and a washing mitt after thoroughly rinsing them to eliminate any more debris.

Give them one more rinse using a vacuum cleaner for car cleaning to remove any remaining soap once they appear clean. All you can do is let them completely dry on both sides before returning them to your automobile.

How Should I Clean My Cloth Car Mats?

You may choose to stop there if shaking them out and vacuuming them thoroughly sufficiently cleans your matting. However, if they are still dirty, you can clean car floor mats with soap and water.

Scrub the mats with a cleaning brush after mixing your preferred heavy-duty soap in hot water. Lay the carpets out to dry after properly rinsing them to remove all of the soap.

Step-By-Step Guidelines

Due to the diverse materials used to make them, the cleaning procedures for rubber and fabric floor rugs are also different. The best approach to cleaning vehicle floor rugs is to follow the instructions for your car mat type.

The initial step—removing the floor rugs—is a step that both cleaning procedures for rubber and fabric floor mats have in common:

How Should I Clean My Cloth Car Mats?

Cloth vehicle mats come with a water-resistant coating, non-slip backing and typically feature nylon fibres. They come in both regular and custom sizes, and they come in a variety of plushness degrees and thicknesses.

  • Dust Off the Mats and Shake Them

To remove as many loose particles as possible, shake the mats vigorously. Vacuum each carpet well on both sides while it is still flat. Wet rugs can benefit from moisture removal via a wet/dry shop vacuum.

  • Replace The Mats and Treat Stains

As you would with your carpet at home, now is the time to treat any stains like grease or food. Utilise a commercial, stain-safe spray-on carpet cleaning while following the manufacturer’s directions.

It is also feasible to eliminate a carpet stain with a homemade cleaner. Try blotting using a clean, white cloth and a solution of 2 teaspoons dish soap and 2 cups warm water. Following the instructions on the label, you can also combine an oxygen bleach and water solution.

This works well for older stains, although some carpets may become discoloured. Therefore, always perform a carpet cleaner test on a hidden area first.

Before putting the mats back in the car, check that they are thoroughly dry.

How Do You Clean Rubber, Vinyl, and Custom Moulded Car Mats?

Any vehicle mat varieties are easier to clean than cloth mats. The simplest solution is to take them out of the car, fetch a hose, and wash the dirt away.

However, you can also clean car floor mats (rubber) without a hose using a pail of water and a scrub brush. Since you might not have access to a hose in the winter, this method is beneficial for cleaning car mats.

  • Scrub After Rinsing

Clean car floor mats (rubber) by hose-blasting off dirt and debris. Alternately, use a pail of warm water and a brush with a medium bristle to clean your car’s floor mats. Scrub the carpets using warm water and a few drops of dish soap for messes that have clung to them.

Never use harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach because they harm rubber car mats. Additionally, avoid covering them with silicone because it can produce slick mats.

  • Dry On Hooks

Before being reinserted into the vehicle, the mats must be completely dry on both sides. For drip-drying, dangle them from a reliable clothesline. If you lack time, you might alternatively wipe them with a cloth.


Since many years ago, Carorbis has been developing cutting-edge products for professional car maintenance. Ensure you have the necessary cleaning products to clean car floor mats whenever they become dirty if you want to keep them looking good for many years. We have the products you require, whether they are fabric or rubber-made.

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